Steven C. Wilcox

One Year Anniversary in Ham Radio


It was exactly one year ago that I received my call sign, KM4GRA. Looking back on it all, it’s interesting to think about all I’ve learned, accomplished and also failed to accomplish this past year.


Five Random Advanced Python Fundamentals


I offered to answer a PyNash Q&A Night question about advanced Python fundamentals. I’m sure everyone will have a different view of what’s advanced and also what falls into the category of something every Python dev should know. I humbly present my own flawed list of advanced fundamentals and links to reading up more about them.


DjangoCon 2015


Of the conferences I’ve attended, none has been as useful to my professional skills as DjangoCon. It’s not like the results are earth-shattering, but as I look back at how I’ve incrementally improved, I often trace back origins of the improvements to something I picked up or heard about at DjangoCon.



03:19 PM
Sometimes I use max_length=255 on db strings just because I'm old-school like that.
12:31 PM
I keep buying backpacking stoves. There's a part of me that must think I'll actually go hiking/camping if I just buy more stoves.
01:18 PM
In my personal experience, I've decided naming things is much harder than cache invalidation.
05:24 PM
the python language is usually "right" and logical in its approach to things... but the meaning of "else" on a for loop just feels wrong.
10:44 AM
Realized the other day, I took 2 years of French in high school. I know more Spanish now than I know French. Esta es la vida.